Pilot Roaster Shop

Recording Roasting Profiles / Automatic Mode

With Pilot Roaster Shop we offer our customers added security by ensuring that the roasting results achieved with their Probatone are reproducible. 

To record roasting profiles, the software stores the manual actions of the roast master in the roasting process. All changes to the burner output are stored along with a time and temperature code so that, when they are called up again, it is possible to roast the product by time or temperature in automatic mode. Subsequently, the recipes stored in this way can be freely edited and useful information such as batch weight or the green coffee used can be added.

However, the software is not intended to replace the roast master. Roasting is still an art that requires experience and a passion for good coffee. That is why the user can constantly alter the roasting process – even in automatic mode – to achieve a completely individual result. (Picture shows you the app-version)