Shoproaster Team

Passion for roasting specialty coffee is something that, we and our customers have in common. It is a passion that can only develop by completely identifying with the craft of roasting and the roasting machine. “My Probat says more than a thousand words. When our customers refer to “their Probat,” we know that they’re crazy about their machines. To do justice to this devotion, Probat has created a dedicated shop roasting team because providing a great level of service to this passionate clientele is very important to us.
From the first consultation to the commissioning – customers in many countries can rely on Probat to provide step-by-step customer support which is as reliable as our shop roasters.


Our capable, committed team is on hand to give you a personal and customer-oriented consultation at any time – on site or by telephone support.


At the same time, we act fast and deliver in next to no time. By optimizing our manufacturing process, we are able to meet the highest customer demands when it comes to reaction and delivery times. Just a few weeks after you place an order, you will take delivery of your handcrafted Probat shop roaster – with premium quality assured, as always.

We would like to give the market a feel for our personality and have positioned ourselves globally in order to achieve this goal. We are continuously developing our international distribution and service network because this is the only way to guarantee you even better support.

No matter where the future of coffee roasting takes us, we will always have answers to your questions. Of course, we are also grateful for criticism and suggestions.


Write us. Visit us. Call us. We will help you to espresso your wishes, whether you are a long-standing client or a new customer in search of guidance.


The Probat Shoproaster Team